Tips on Whom to Call If...

Important Information on who to call for different situations.

Who Should I Call If...
  • There is an HOA emergency after hours - call (623) 877-1396.
  • You see suspicious activity in the common areas - Call the Police immediately - even if it turns out to be nothing it is better than the alternative.
  • You see a street light that is out-Call APS at 602-371-7171 and give them the pole number; you can also complete an online form at
  • You have a complaint about a neighbor (i.e. street parking,weeds, etc.) – Please be advised that you may need be listed as the complainant determined by the complaint you are filing.  Send an e-mail or a letter to Community Manager, Deanna Tatman at:, and your complaint will be reviewed.
  • Barking Dog Complaints should be submitted to Goodyear at
  • Need to park your RV, boat or trailer in your drive for a temporary time-Contact Deanna to let her know so your file can be noted so that you do not get a violation letter.
  • Need additional time to correct a violation-Contact Management and your request will be considered.
  • Approved Paint Schemes can be located in the Document Center
  • You have an issue with your home?  Contact your builder's customer service department.
  • See a stray shopping cart in the community?  For Fry's grocery carts call 1-800-843-2278; for all other shopping carts call Arizona Cart Retrieval at 1-800-THE-CART.