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Highlights from the last Board meeting.

Please find below highlights from the last Board meeting. 


1.  It is unfortunate that this past month 6 metal panels from our beautiful monument signs were stolen, in broad daylight - and two on a Sunday morning.  Our board is very disappointed that this has happened in our neighborhood.

A claim has been filed against the HOA insurance to have the signs replaced as soon as possible.  The bolts on all signs has been replaced, making it nearly impossible (and very noisy) to remove the panels.  The Goodyear Police Department and our security team has been alerted.  GPD has been excellent to deal with and as helpful as possible.

A description of the vehicle has been reported - but no tags were noted.  The board wants to thank all of our concerned neighbors - for getting word out and hopefully helping to stop his reign of theft.

 The HOA is offering an award for any information leading to prosecution.