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Highlights from the last Board meeting

Please find below highlights from the last Board  meeting.

January 17, 2019 Board Meeting

1.  Security reported that during the holiday season they paid extra special attention to any delivery trucks in the neighborhood and tried to keep an eye out for any package thefts.  They reported that there were only two vehicle break-ins reported and the two break-ins were not necessarily within Canyon  Trails 1 & 2.  If anyone goes on vacation, they can contact the Community Manager, Deanna Tatman, at or 623-298-3327 to let her know so that she can let security know.  They will drive by your house and make sure everything looks ok when they are at the property.  Everyone should remember to lock their vehicle doors as most vehicle thefts/break-ins are a result of vehicle doors being left unlocked. 

2.  Holiday Decorations – Notices are going out to those who still have holiday decorations out.  Please remember to remove them as the time allowed to have them up has expired.

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