How to Submit for Architectural Approval

After reading the CC&Rs and Design Guidelines, you've realized you need to submit for any changes to your house or yard that are visible from neighboring properties, including your inital landscaping, but how do you do that?  This whole page is devoted to answering your questions about the Architectural Submittal Process.

The first step to any architectural submittal is to review the documents to make sure your desired changes fit within the guidelines of the community.  You should have received a copy of the Governing Documents as part of the purchasing of your home.  If you cannot find the hard copy of these documents, you can find them on this website in the Resouce Center.  The CC&Rs can be difficult to understand, so it is broken down into workable language in the Design Guidelines.

The second step is filling out the form.  To get approval for changes you must submit the proposed changes to the Architectural Committee by using the following Architectural Design Review Application.  You will need to include a plot map of your property showing where the proposed changes will be located, a list of materials, the name of the contractor you will be using, and any samples or pictures you can include.  Remember the more information you include, the more likely it will be approved by the committee.

Third, send the printed form the PDS office by mail or fax.  You will find our address and fax number on the Contacts page.

The fourth step, is perhaps the most challenging...waiting.  You will receive a notice stating that your submittal was received and what date it went to the committee.  The committee has 45 days to review the submittal as allotted in the CC&Rs.   It often does not take the full 45 days to reach a decision.  The committee reviews the submittals in the order they are received.   To be fair to everyone, the committee is unable to process rush jobs.  It is your responsibility to make sure you submit your plans well in advance of your landscape installation deadline. 

Once the committee has made a decision you will receive a letter in the mail.  You will receive one of four letters.  First, your submittal may be approved as submitted.  If you wish to deviate from your submittal you must resubmit.  The committee approved it with the understanding that you would install the item as shown.  The second option is that it may be approved with stipulations.  This means you may install the changes, but must alter your plans as listed in the letter.  This often includes size or spacing changes.  You may also receive a Disapproval letter, outlining why the committee did not approve your submittal.  If they recommend certain changes, you may resubmit taking into account these recommendations.  The fourth possible letter you should not receive if you followed the steps listed on this page, this is the Incomplete Submittal letter.  This means the committee did not have enough information to process the submittal and you must resubmit with the information indicated in the letter.

After you have received approval from the committee, happy building.